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Then came the Enlightenment Intensive of Buddha poornima. That is beyond my capacity to understand, much less to express. Suffice it to say that I can lay down my life for my Master, after he offered me such a beautiful opportunity to know myself: Now I knew THAT definitely IS. "How," " When," and "Where" are another matter, but THAT IS.

Suneil, Engineering Student

It's amazing how the workshop helped ease me into a challenging journey where unprocessed emotion took form. I was able to identify with problems I did not know existed. I understood how one has to heal ones body in order to heal ones spirit. The two are closely related. I learnt to isolate problems from individuals and was able to start comprehending the true meaning of unconditional LOVE. The recovery there on has been miraculous. I have begun to enjoy life in a different way.
Lina, Counselor

Just Be ! Penetrate thru the complex layers of mind to realize how simple is the path to the 'TRUE SELF'.
R. Nanda, Teacher

I realized my mind was like a computer experiencing life with conditional old software running over & over again. But during the process when the patterns started dissolving I could see limitless possibilities. During the enlightenment intensive workshop I felt what unconditional Love means, when I had heartfelt feeling of love for everyone even for the pillar, curtain, floor, grass…….


Deep Memory Healing & Freedom Workshop

The re-experience of the past helped me accept the present which seemed difficult earlier.

Overall it a very good experience, which I cannot put into, words. The one noticeable change observed was that my sugar levels came back to normal. I have gained in self-confidence. I also had many spiritual experiences there, which helped me in gaining spiritually.
Bharati, Housewife

I was fearful of men in general & also fearful of big buildings & parties. Every man I came across, I always presumed his intentions are bad. This feeling was so strong that it would be difficult for me to behave normally. During Past Life the experiences I underwent, made me realize the cause of my attitude & behavior. All my emotions dissolved completely. Now I can talk to men fearlessly & confidently.
Working Woman

I went to the Past Life Seminar with a lot of problems like anger & guilt. But in the course of the seminar, the vivid experiences I had washed all my negativity. I had a different perspective on things: seeing the continuity of Life, a lot of insecurity dissolved. The spiritual experiences also gave me many insights into Life. I also developed many psychic powers in the course of the seminar.
S Shrivastava, Healer

Reiki changed the course of my life. From the designing of enclosures to the enclosed within. "The Self".
Ritu, Interior Decorator

After doing 1st & 2nd degree Reiki my concentration power increased a lot. It helped me in releasing stress. My efficiency & decision power also increased. Increase in concentration & memory helped me a lot in my studies during my examination. Now, I'm more clear about my path. I want every one to be in the same peace, harmony joy that I felt.

Nikitha, Student

After the very first day of Reiki 1st degree - my joy & happiness knew no bonds or reason. It was like I have been blessed with a 'life saving jacket' to stay afloat on this sea of life. My life took a complete 'U' turn emotionally. Due to the grace to the supreme energy - I found internal peace , security , gained confidence & communication power.

Shamaji, Housewife

Three days and two nights that I blissfully spent at the Reiki Intensive Seminar, doing almost nonstop individual, partner and group Reiki-healing -sessions, brought my physical, emotional and mental energies to such a high level that during the powerful processes used for emotional catharsis. I could clearly experience many long existing blockades disappearing giving way to inner knowledge and understanding. I am grateful to Master for blessing me with 'The Gift of Love and Life with Complete Awareness'
Madhumita, Teacher