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Center For Transformation & Development

Cosmic Rhythm is a spiritual healing centre in India offering spiritual counseling along with the commitment of reiki energy, it also incorporates holistic approach in itself by conducting psycho spiritual workshop like Enlightenment Intensives, Past Life Workshop, Awakening Intensive, Deep Memory Healing and various others.

Upcoming Events


with Akhilesh from 29th March’18 to 1st April’18

at a beautiful luxury resort in Bhopal (India)

Early Bird Discount ! Enrol Now!

Cel :+91-9425436072 WA Only +91-9424836786 Ph: +91-731-2529249 Email: cosmicrhythm@ymail.com


with Akhilesh from 27th April'18 to 1st May'18

at a beautiful luxury resort in Bhopal (India)

Early Bird Discount ! Enrol Now!

Cel :+91-9425436072 WA Only +91-9424836786 Ph: +91-731-2529249 Email: cosmicrhythm@ymail.com


Reiki Intensive on 24-25-26 Feb'18 Reiki 1 & 2 Level on 24-25 Feb (Sat-Sun) with Akhilesh at Cosmic Rhythm, 23 Sector 2 , Shantiniketan, Behind Sony Service Station,Bhopal-462024. If interested please WA on 09424836786. Enrol now. Inform others also. E : cosmicrhythm@ymail.com


Reiki 1 & 2 Level on 3rd- 4th March (Sat-Sun) with Archana Akhilesh at Cosmic Rhythm, 101, Princes Valley Appts, 3/1 South Tukoganj, Indore.

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The Master

AKHILESH, facilitator and the co-creator of COSMIC RHYTHM has been conducting psycho-spiritual workshops for the past 15 years. He is inheriting the teachings of Late Mr. Karl Everding ( Germany ), Dr. Roger J. Woolger, USA (author of ‘Other Lives Other Selves’), Dr. Brian Weiss, USA (author of ‘Many Master Many Lives’ and ‘Messages from the Masters’), Dr. Michael Newton, USA (author of ‘Journey of Souls’ and ‘Destiny of Souls’ ) combined with his own experience based on study, work and research on past life connected issues.

His workshops are primarily based on introspection, combined with an unusual ability to create need based exercises according to the group requirements keeping in mind all the aspects.During the workshop he leads the whole group together as well as deals and interacts at individual level too. His work helps one to emerge from within to realise the true sense of self, life and others.

As a co-creator of Cosmic Rhythm center Shri Akhilesh has played a great role in spreading the message of love, peace and harmony to the universe. He uses proven methods for helping individuals process their inner issues and move forward in a more fulfilling direction in their lives. He has covered worldwide and many parts of India to be on his purpose.