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Anger Management


The Key Questions for Anger Management Does anger solve issues in your life? Does it create further anxiety, pain and hurt? What is the source of your anger and how can you recognize it? In what safe ways can you express your anger without others getting hurt or frightened? What is healthy anger? How can anger be used to achieve your goals? Anger in our lives today

Stress is on the increase. We are witnessing more violence, rage and aggression than ever before. As children it is vital that our feelings of anger be accepted by our caretakers/parents. If these feelings are not heard and respected we carry our hurt and resentment into adulthood and vent them onto others especially our loved one's, work colleagues, and those in authority over us. As adults most of us fall into one of two distinct categories of angry behavior, which leaves an impact on our physical and mental states. This makes an impact on us as we experience anger in ourselves and anger from others.

Anger is something we don't manage as well as we need to. Instead, it controls us, and we use it to control others. Getting angry causes us to have a go at the ones we love- wife, husband, children and friends or maybe even people we work with. We do not stop to look at what upsets us in the first place. We get angry and upset without thinking. We feel guilty later and look for a way to cool down.

Not knowing how to stop anger causes it to grow, intensify and spread to anyone or anything that gets in the way. Unmanaged anger can have grave consequences including ill health, depression, frustration, violence, anxiety, stress, relationship breakdown, loss of employment, etc.

Anger Management

Managing anger is healthy, safe and positive. it's also about staying in control of a situation and achieving a positive outcome with others. Anger management workshop gives you the tools to recognize, understand and control anger. In this workshop you will learn a selection of invaluable tools you can easily put into practice to enable you to be in control in all situations.

The two day anger management counseling event is aimed at introducing cutting edge methodologies in anger management and some of its related fields. The experiential workshop is suitable for those wanting to learn more about this anger managing topic, as well as mental health professionals, parents, teachers, counselors and psycho-therapists, facilitators and those who manage others.

The anger management workshop will explore the concept that everyone knows what is best for them and when they are being dispossessed of their power. However they need a creative tool kit to change their experiences in life. This anger management centre / workshop involves examining triggers, including early warning signals in the body and the assumptions angry people make about these triggers. A simple process of assessment of ingrained thinking habits and responses to anger provoking situations will be outlined. The aim is to enable participants to use their own anger to facilitate goal achievement in a healthy manner.

Who Will Get Benefited by Anger Management Anyone who feels that anger is affecting their relationships, job or health. Those who are unable to express their anger and feel that they need to. Those in the caring and helping professions who mange people. Those in the corporate world such as senior management, line management, department head, shop floor staff, sales persons, trainers, telesales men and those in customer service and production. Those in government departments such as social services, inland revenue, employment, health services, probation services, transport and education among several others.

Benefits of Anger Management Peace of mind, joy & prosperity in life. Improves relationships in the family and working environment. feelings of compassion and love. Reduces emotions like guilt, frustration etc. Self control & confidence by releasing fear, anxiety and stress. High concentration, awareness & memory power. Reduces tiredness, aches and pains in the body. Increases energy level thus enhancing working capacity. Helps us to provide a healthy, friendly and fearless environment. Effective time management resulting in increase in productivity. Reduces the incidents of illness, blood pressure, heart problems, injury, accidents etc. Enhances clarity and self-esteem. You can forgive and let go.